Starting with the perfect vendors, we will work together from start to finish, ensuring that your special day is cohesive, personal and unique.  Wedding planning in particular is a ton more involved than many people anticipate and this next year or so will also be more emotionally charged, no mater how laid back a person you may be normally. Planning takes time and can also be confusing with so many options and not enough time to explore them all before the big day. We give our clients options, lend our ears and listen well. We believe planning and design are inseparable. Design effects more than ambiance, it effects production, the guest experience, flow and service. We greatly value open lines of communication and candidness. If you want your wedding to be the best wedding you have ever attended, you want full planning. It is your insurance and also the best gift you can give yourselves during this important time!

Working shot bedford postThis level of service can take on a host of characteristics, tailored to the specific event at hand.  Each client has their own needs, their own busy careers and each venue is so different. The goal is to create a package that works for you and your event, without sacrificing quality.  


Starting about six weeks before the big day, we will iron out all schedules and vendor contributions, making sure they are up to par with your expectations and our standards. We will also be taking the bulk of communication off of your plate so that you can focus on what is most important.  *ADE only books month-of coordination close to a client’s wedding date and on a case by case basis where we feel like we are an excellent fit given the personality and quality of the vendors you have already contracted. 

Perhaps you have a fabulous piece of land, along with a beautiful home and you are flirting with the idea of opening it up to individuals looking to host weddings and other special events. Ashley Douglass Events has years of experience, understanding the perception of the planner and potential client that would be interested in using your home for an event. We can help you understand your home from an event’s standpoint and how best to market your home. Give us a call to chat!

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